Furutech is justifiably proud of its global reputation for engineering, build quality and performance. Furutech now expands its reach with a new entry-level line, ADL (Alpha Design Labs). ADL embodies Furutech Pure Transmission Technology into carefully engineered and innovative products that everyone can afford. ADL components and cables are made with the same dedication to total resonance control and ultimate refinement as all of Furutech\'s many cables and accessories.

Pure Transmission’s multistep, highly specialized processes result in compelling, low-noise, open, airy, quick, complex and undistorted sound that begins at the wall socket and extends right through to your headphones or speaker drivers. The more Pure Transmission components in your system the more you appreciate their stunning advantages.

Furutech’s total awareness of every element of AC power delivery allows our Power Distribution and Filtering components to deliver a greater sense of power, dynamics, and resolution, with cleaner, blacker backgrounds and larger, more stable soundstage reproduction. Furutech enthusiasts report vivid tonal colors and deeper extension at both ends of the frequency range. Delicacy, refinement and nuance along with micro- and macro-dynamics leave you breathlessly engaged.


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