The House of Marley
Bob Marley is a musical prophet whose words touch, move and inspire all generations and ethnicities. He used his music to spread his vision of equality, unity, authenticity, charity and sustainability. The House of Marley is committed to delivering premium quality, earth-friendly products that embody Bob Marley\'s vision.

Superior Quality
We not only believe in making our products in the right way, we believe in making our products right. Bob Marley was a master at his craft and we’re aiming for the same peak of excellence in everything we make. We’re music lovers, too. So we’ve poured our hearts into each detail so the music we love is heard like it was intended to be heard.

Using reggae music as the test by which all our products are made, bass is the first element we turn our attention to. The bass is the driving force. We want to hear it without distortion no matter how low it goes and we want it to hit hard. Every one of our in-ear and on-ear headphones and speakers are made for the biggest sounding reggae bass. That doesn’t mean we’ve neglected the highs either. We aim for authenticity and you can hear it in every instrument and vocal.

Our products are also made with durability in mind. The people who live the Marley lifestyle are active. They’re in constant motion. So we’ve worked hard to create products that can withstand even the most active lifestyle. We want our products to emulate Bob Marley. We want them to be timeless.

Earth Friendly
The Marley family has always been committed to protecting the earth. At The House of Marley, our mission is to create high-quality products in the most ethical and environmentally positive way.

We use natural, earth-friendly and renewable materials in our products and packaging, such as sustainably sourced, FSC-certified woods, organic cotton and recyclable aluminum.

We take responsibility for the impact our products and actions have on the planet. That way our children, and our children\'s children, can feel the joy of a beautiful earth.

Cause Minded
Marley products support 1Love, the Marley family charitable organization. This global movement is dedicated to supporting youth, planet and peace. 


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