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Altec Lansing, LLC. is the industry leader in the design, manufacture, marketing and support of advanced audio solutions for PCs and related technologies. The company strives to provide outstanding performance and value to leading computer manufacturers, resellers and end users. Altec Lansing is the marketshare leader in the PC speaker system category providing high performance multimedia products for the computer OEM, reseller, distributor and retail marketplace.

Altec Lansing develops and delivers advanced audio products and solutions to leading OEM and Retail customers. Leadership in these areas requires a combination of experience and talent in both analog and digital domains, a strong commitment to ongoing Research & Development, partnerships with leading edge technology companies, and successful teamwork between product engineering, sales, marketing and logistics.
Through a targeted sales and marketing effort, the company places customer interest and satisfaction first. Altec Lansing\'s logistics team offers world class supply chain management of global inventories. The company is committed to achieving mass volume, quality manufacturing, on-time delivery and customer service.

Altec Lansing maintains active OEM relationships with Dell Computer, Compaq, IBM, ACER, Fujitsu, and others enabling these companies to add high performance audio to their product offerings. In addition, the company continues to expand its strategic partnerships with industry leaders including Dolby Labs, Intel, Microsoft, Apogee, ST Microelectronics, Zoran and others to continue its development of audio solutions for emerging technologies. Altec Lansing brings audio expertise to each growing partnership providing exceptional multimedia experiences and PC audio productivity tools to business and end users.

Altec Lansing currently distributes a variety of multimedia products to the worldwide computer and consumer audio markets. Many of these leading Altec Lansing products include innovative audio technologies such as streaming audio data through the Universal Serial Bus (USB).
Also included in the company\'s line of high quality peripherals are digital audio systems, digital RF audio systems and portable computer audio products. Altec Lansing has received numerous awards for its technological contribution to the growing computer audio industry. These honors include a number of PC Magazine "Editors Best Choice" and Computer Shopper "Best Buy" awards. In addition, the company has been awarded a number of patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for such innovative concepts as side-firing speaker design and theater-type surround sound for multimedia workstations.


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