Universal Electronic Accessories, otherwise known as UNIEA, was founded in 2005 in California, US, and moved the headquarter to Hong Kong in 2007. From the very beginning, UNIEA has endeavored to be more than just a manufacturer of consumer electronics accessories. From our inception, UNIEA has been committed to establishing ourselves as a leader in advancing and innovating case designs for the world’s most popular electronics and gadgets.

Today, UNIEA does more than just create cases – we now produce fresh product lines of stylish laptop bags, convenient laptop computer peripherals, electronics accessories, and a wide range of innovative protection accessories for laptops, smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, and more.

UNIEA’s corporate principles are centered on meeting the needs of our customers and consumer electronics users worldwide. As a result, we strive to design innovative, high-quality cases and accessories. UNIEA’s newest generation of cases, bags, and accessories reflect the modern mobile user’s desire for functionality and quality combined with style and individuality.

In addition, UNIEA remains committed to providing the very best customer service for all of our customers worldwide.