Ultimate Ears

For more than 30 years, Logitech has been 
leading innovation in design, portability, wireless technology, and acoustic engineering across a 
wide range of consumer electronic products.

Unparalled Sound
In 2008, Logitech joined forces with Ultimate Ears—the creators of advanced in-ear monitors that allow musicians to hear themselves perfectly when playing on stage. These unique custom earphones, built with multiple precision balanced armatures, are the choice of the top touring musicians. In-depth knowledge of how professional musicians listen to their own music gives Ultimate Ears a unique perspective on designing products for people seeking the same undiluted experience

Artistry Meets Engineering
Now, as Logitech UE, our commitment to precision technology and sound quality is the inspiration behind everything we do. State-of-the-art research facilities and top engineers from around the world ensure that every last detail in each of our products—from headphones, to smart radios, to wireless speakers—is perfect. Artists on stage or people in their living rooms are all united by the music they live for. And we are dedicated to creating products that bring it to them pure and undiluted.