2000 – Optoma

The Coretronic Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of optical projectors. In 2000, the company established the Optoma brand in England. Coretronic sales locations span the world and are prominent in the US, Europe,China, and Asia. Coretronic is the prime Taiwanese projector solution.

2005 – NuForce

NuForce in Milpitas, California, owns proprietary rights to Class D power amplifier technology and NuForce amplifiers are leaders in the audio systems market. NuForce has received many commendations and awards from professional audiophile magazines in the US and Japan.

2014 – Optoma NuForce

Optoma relentlessly pursues revolutionary improvement in visual experience to achieve a gratifying presentation of detailed imagery. Sound makes one half of the image in the soul. The perfectly of Optoma audio-visual entertainment systems was accomplished when we formally acquired the American audio system brand NuForce in 2014, giving us the ability to achieve the in-house development of high resolution audio systems that allow music lovers to experience the very TEXTURE of SOUND.