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Ingeniously engineered inside one simple cabinet, Geneva Sound Systems provide everything you find in conventional stereo. The system above has a pair of full-range stereo speakers. There is a CD player, an FM radio, and external source inputs. What’s more: there’s an iPod/iPhone dock, stereo subwoofers, and a digital amplifier drawing 80% less energy than conventional Hi-Fi. All-in-One. One box. One plug.

“Geneva Sound System is Hi-Fi 2.0,” says Germany’s Audio magazine. It has “the hallmarks of true originality” that left Home Theater “totally satisfied.” Geneva fits in the home as simply as a lamp. “I haven’t seen a full-featured stereo that’s as easy to use,” says Macworld, hailing its “exceptional sound quality.”

Geneva “looks more like a modern art piece than a typical A/V product,” says The Robb Report, among the many lifestyle media brands praising Geneva for giving sophisticated capabilities such style and simplicity in form.