Love Music, Makes Music More

 We love music and we thought, let´s try and see if we can change the world, even if so just a little bit, making music more. After few years we cannot overlook all the good that has happened. We obviously did some things right and, yes, we managed to change the world, even if so just a little bit. As the few young men in a small industrial town in Sweden we still are, we followed our passion for music, listened with our ears and hearts and we listened carefully and shaped it until we loved what we heard. So, now you can too.

The development of the brand JAYS is a showcase about the road to authenticity and worldwide acclaim through hard work, innovative minds and passionate spirits in the name of music. Here is the story of Sweden´s first maker of high quality headphones with a world reputation. It is short, but it is good.

With a rock band analogy, JAYS formed in 2006 and released its first product in 2007, but the lineup has changed radically since then. None of the founding members are longer a part of neither the company nor its management. But this is where the vision of JAYS was born and we are eternally thankful for that. We, a few young talented men, came to form the new qualitative core of JAYS sharing the same vision, passion, drive and unconditional love for music. With a new and highly merited management to guide us, no stones are left unturned in optimizing our business or quality, setting sail and simply letting nature lead us ahead of the rest. And we have come a long way.

Our song will always remain the same. We want to design the most authentic sounding and price worthy on-ear and in-ear headphones possible and create a global life style brand for music lovers. We do not want to be a narrow audiophile brand, but still playing as close as possible by the same rules. And yes, everything is thought out by us, designed by us, developed by us, tested by us, adjusted by us and loved by us. All components are state of the art from the best manufacturers. But, as most others, we assemble all models in China, allowing for as many as possible to be able to buy them.

We are all musicians and we know what we want to hear. We want authenticity, detail and nerve. We want to be turned on and we want to be forced to tap our feet to what we hear. Our products are sonically designed to offer aural headroom with a balanced, neutral and solid delivery of a refined boutique kind. JAYS trade mark sound is an inspiring performance with a balanced stable and quick bass, a tickling mid frequenze and a comfortable ear friendly treble. It is made for your pleasure and not primarily for your environment. It speaks to you and you only. It makes you want to listen through your entire record collection all over again. We want to bring the tones all the way to the listener´s heart and soul. Our products are always best in class, authentic in sound and organic in presence. They are painted in black, underlining the seriousness of joy.

We know that all our products must be motivated and deliver at its very best for every audience. Our product line is therefore on purpose quite small, because if we like what we hear, we know that the world will. JAYS simply makes music more.

Well, we love music and we love talent, that’s why. We have a following of international top musicians and we like to refer to them as our fans. A few of those can be seen at our blog where they also provide playlists of their own headphone favorites, which they do for free. We love when the ones we love, loves us back. That is the greatest and ultimate reward and that is also our unique pitch. We do this for the music. Not for the fame.

Correction. We do this for the music. Not for the fame. And, actually, because we can. The absolute privilege of getting astonishing reviews and outshining fierce competition in leading international media proves that we are doing something right. We know what we are and we know what we are good at. Passionate, innovative and Scandinavian music playing music lovers that is what we are. And we will never make jeans.

Thank you for listening.