Pursuit of comfort.

AVIOT (Abiot) is an audio visual brand from Japan in which Japanese audio experts who know Japanese sounds are engaged in sound quality design . Under the slogan “make A comfort zone”, we pursue high sound quality, high quality, and the comfort that you want to keep using for a long time.

Japanese sound.

Many of the wireless earphones currently sold in Japan are manufactured overseas, including China, and are designed for the US and China with different tastes in larger markets than Japan. AVIOT aimed at Japanese sound. We selected a high-speed, wide-range high-quality driver, conducted a long-term listening test, and carefully performed sound tuning in units of 0.1 db for each frequency. We have created a sound based on a flat tone balance that is distinct from many overseas brand earphones, in which only so-called "heavy bass" that squeezes the ear is emphasized.