NocturnaL Audio

From the most concealed corners of the darkest labs, unidentified mysterious materials were explored and heavily modified.

Through incredibly arduous research and further developments through sleepless months, advanced technology was incorporated into each and every creation. The hardcore passion for audio of every individual member of this trade was harnessed, with no ounce of talent spared. The motive is straightforward; to kill.

Each production was handcrafted with stealth, and countless refinements were made to the most precise measurements and readings. Every final touches handled with lethal accuracy and absolute purpose. The equipment used of superior quality without a doubt. The result? Fatal.

NocturnaL Audio. Wicked performance. Poisonous design.

"Masterminded by a masked man filled with bewitched darkness, a man so evil the shadows would scream. A pack of finest yet deathly poisoned hunters he leads by the moonless nights, swallowing any soul who defy the essence of sound without mercy."