JDS Labs

JDS Labs began in 2007 as a way to put a name behind the cMoyBB headphone amplifier. Although I\'d only expected to sell a few amplifiers on eBay while finishing my BSEE at Missouri S&T, JDS Labs quickly grew beyond my intentions. Inferior clones of the cMoyBB eventually appeared on eBay, which only drove JDS Labs\'s reputation higher. JDS Labs incorporated in 2009 to mark the transition from a small hobbyist website to our new position as a leader in DIY audio. With the company growing at an incredible pace, I finally quit my day job in 2011 and starting hiring employees.

JDS Labs, Inc. now ships over 1000 items each month from our office near St. Louis, Missouri. We\'re not a garage shop, or a typical small business. Instead, we actively contribute to the OSHW movement by designing and distributing the best in opensource and DIY audio. We design many of our products and manufacture most of them in-house. Besides solder and SMT reflow stations, our shop utilizes a 3D printer, a 24-inch laser engraver, and a CNC to rapidly prototype and manufacture cases for our amplifiers and DACs. Anyone can build a DIY amplifier, given sufficient time and resources...

But finding the parts and assembling them into something visually pleasing and easy to use? That\'s our challenge. In a nutshell, we produce brilliant audio products at affordable prices. -- John Seaber, President | Electrical Engineer, JDS Labs