As R & D and manufacturer of well-known audio equipments, Aune has got an evaluation in the international community: "The world-wide recognition of HIFI audio product ideas into the design, Aune - Appreciating, aficionados, and know the world."

Our products are not only a dominant aesthetic; sound signature, materials, design concepts including sound technology, sound, positioning recessive aesthetics. The overall quality of its products have excellent quality, and can reflect the natural flavor of the sound, appearance and sound quality at the same time to achieve a certain degree of quality HIFI audio products! Aune done it in the true sense internally and externally!

In the future we will strive to dominate the resources and technology globalization. In the development process, we will adhere to the truth-seeking, dedication, innovative ideas, high quality audio products designed for the high expectations audiophile.

In the development process, we deeply appreciate: a basis of industrially developed countries in order to promote the progress of the industry as a whole! We try some groundbreaking design and the base of support for industrial action! We will strive to make the impossible a reality! - We believe that in the future Aune will create more miracles!

We will do our best to make aune as a worldwide brand!