Meridian Audio

Meridian has one goal – to enrich people’s lives by providing the most innovative and rewarding audio visual experiences, through the pursuit of perfect sound and picture reproduction. 

Since 1977, Meridian has been approaching this goal through a unique combination of design, research and technology, with the intention of bringing every owner of a Meridian system a uniquely involving and enjoyable experience in sound and vision.

Our willingness to challenge accepted truths in pursuit of our goal has more than once set us apart from other manufacturers. Meridian pioneered the audiophile Compact Disc player, for example, when most other hi-fi manufacturers regarded digital technology as something that should be restricted to test equipment. Today, digital audio is everywhere, and Meridian remains a world leader in advanced digital audio technology, from digital audio streaming to DACs and more.

Our belief that when you hear more, you feel more, led for example to our early investment in technologies like the British-designed Ambisonic surround-sound system. This investment contributed ultimately to developments as diverse as the Trifield system in Meridian’s home and in-car entertainment installations; to Meridian Lossless Packing, the audio technology at the heart of DVD-Audio and Blu-Ray Disc; and to dramatic digital audio enhancements.

Meridian products not only sound unique; they look unique. Great industrial design is as much at the heart of Bob & Allen’s works as the electronics or the principles behind it. The voluptuous curves of a Meridian Digital Active Loudspeaker, for example, look as different to the conventional loudspeaker box as you can imagine – but that design is not only there to look good: it also contributes significantly to the smoothness and sweetness of the sound.

In a nutshell, everything we do contributes to what we seek: to make products that enhance your life through superb sound and images.