Klipsch, one of the first U.S. loudspeaker companies, has been building premium speakers since 1946. When Paul W. Klipsch—one of America’s most celebrated audio pioneers and Engineering and Science Hall of Fame inductee—founded Klipsch & Associates, he was hand-building every speaker inside a tin shed in Hope, Arkansas. 

Paul Klipsch was a relentless perfectionist who spearheaded the Hi-Fi movement with the company’s foundation product: the Klipschorn® (still manufactured today). A true music lover, Paul’s ultimate goal was to reproduce the excitement of a live orchestra performance in his living room. 

He achieved his objective by making the Klipschorn a fully horn-loaded design—technology that established industry standards for high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, low distortion, smooth frequency response and powerful bass. As a result, horn loading has—and always will be—the driving force behind the Klipsch brand’s highly efficient, stunningly precise sound.

Fred S. Klipsch and his wife, Judy, purchased Klipsch & Associates from Paul in 1989, moving business operations to their hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, while continuing manufacturing and distribution in Hope. Fred’s decision to purchase the company almost seemed like destiny. 

In the mid-1980s, Fred Klipsch saw a loudspeaker advertisement in a magazine that bore a familiar name—his. He tore out the Klipsch & Associates ad and carried it around with him for three years before calling the company’s founder. Although they had never met, Fred and Paul Klipsch discovered they were cousins and, without an heir, Paul began talking about a way to keep his privately held company in the family. From there, Fred and Judy would spend the next two decades transforming the humble company into a highly regarded global brand and technology powerhouse, while keeping Paul Klipsch’s legacy alive.

Fred and Judy, along with their passionate team, have completely redefined product categories. They’ve navigated the company through major changes in the audio market, as records and cassette tapes have given way to CDs and MP3 files and television channels are now broadcasting in 5.1 surround sound.

Today, Klipsch sells hundreds of premium speakers for every lifestyle, application and budget. The brand’s diverse product portfolio encompasses home theater, professional cinema, installed whole-house contracting, commercial, computer speakers, iPod docks and headphones. 

As the audio world continues to evolve to meet the listening preferences of consumers, Klipsch will look to the future with an eye for the past. Everything Klipsch does today and 100 years from now will reflect Paul’s no-compromise spirit and the brand’s commitment to delivering the world’s most powerful, detailed and emotional sound reproduction.