Beginner's Guide: Choosing Bookshelf Speakers for Your Desktop Setup

Understanding Your Needs

Start by identifying your primary use case for the speakers. Are you mainly listening to music, gaming, watching movies, or a combination of these activities? Understanding your usage patterns will help narrow down the features and specifications you should prioritize in your search.

  • Music Listening: If you're primarily listening to music, you'll want speakers that prioritize sound quality and accuracy, with a focus on balanced frequency response and clear imaging.

  • Gaming: For gaming, you may prioritize speakers with immersive soundstages, responsive drivers, and enhanced bass for a more engaging gaming experience.

  • Movies and Multimedia: If you're watching movies or consuming multimedia content, look for speakers with dynamic range and clarity to bring movie soundtracks and dialogue to life.

Bookshelf Speakers vs. PC Speakers: Understanding the Difference

Bookshelf speakers are designed to deliver high-quality sound reproduction in a compact form factor, making them ideal for desktop setups where space is limited. Unlike traditional PC speakers, which often prioritize convenience over audio fidelity, bookshelf speakers offer superior sound clarity, dynamics, and imaging.

Key Differences:

  • Audio Quality: Bookshelf speakers typically feature larger drivers and more robust amplification, resulting in richer, more detailed sound compared to standard PC speakers.

  • Design: Bookshelf speakers are often designed to blend seamlessly into home decor, with elegant finishes and minimalist aesthetics. PC speakers, on the other hand, prioritize practicality and may lack the visual appeal of bookshelf speakers.

  • Connectivity: While both types of speakers may offer Bluetooth and wired connections, bookshelf speakers tend to provide a wider range of input options, including RCA, optical, and USB, making them more versatile for desktop use.

Exploring Popular Models: Bookshelf Speakers and Studio Monitors

Mackie CR Series

Mackie's CR Series offers a range of affordable bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, making them suitable for both desktop setups and casual listening. The CR3-X provides a compact yet powerful sound, ideal for smaller spaces, while the CR4-X and CR5-X offer larger woofers for enhanced bass response and overall volume. The Bluetooth variants (CR3-XBT, CR4-XBT, CR5-XBT) add wireless convenience, allowing users to stream music from their smartphones or tablets.

PreSonus Eris Series

PreSonus Eris speakers are known for their accurate sound reproduction, making them popular choices among music producers and audio engineers. The Eris E3.5 and Eris E4.5 are compact options suitable for desktop setups, offering balanced sound and convenient front-panel controls (both also available with Bluetooth, as the E3.5 BT and E4.5 BT.

The E5 XT and E8 XT models provide larger woofers and more power for a fuller sound, making them suitable for larger rooms or critical listening environments.


Edifier offers a wide range of bookshelf speakers with sleek designs and impressive sound quality. The R1280DBs and R1700BTs are budget-friendly options with Bluetooth connectivity, perfect for casual listening or gaming. The R1855DB and R2000DB models offer larger woofers and more power for improved bass response and overall volume, while the S880DB, S1000W, and S2000MKIII provide premium sound quality and features for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

The Edifier MR4 studio monitors are the latest addition to Edifier's reputable lineup of audio equipment, designed for content creators, budding producers, and audio enthusiasts seeking professional-grade sound quality at an affordable price point. Released as an entry-level studio monitor, the MR4 offers a flat frequency response for accurate sound reproduction, making it ideal for mixing, mastering, and critical listening. The compact and stylish design ensures it fits well in any studio or home setup, it also stands out as a cost-effective solution for those looking to step into the world of professional audio without compromising on quality.


Audioengine's bookshelf speakers are known for their exceptional build quality and performance. The A2+ Wireless offers compact size and wireless connectivity, making it perfect for desktop use in smaller rooms or offices. The A5+ Wireless delivers powerful sound with larger drivers and more amplification, suitable for larger rooms or critical listening environments. The A1 Wireless and A1-MR (Multiroom) provide a compact and affordable option for users seeking simplicity and convenience.

The HD5 is Audioengine's newest model in its HD line-up, a compact and premium powered speaker system that blends classic design with modern audio technology. Key features include custom-built silk tweeters and aramid fiber woofers for rich, clear sound, built-in analog class A/B amplifiers for powerful performance, and a variety of connectivity options including Bluetooth aptX HD, RCA, and mini-jack, making them versatile for any audio setup. Designed for both audiophiles and casual listeners, the HD5 offers high-fidelity sound in a sleek, attractive package suitable for any room.


Kanto speakers combine stylish design with impressive sound performance, making them ideal for desktop setups. They're often compared with Audioengine speakers, bearing some similarities in the looks. The YU4 and YU6 models provide larger woofers and more power for enhanced bass response and overall volume, making them suitable for larger rooms or critical listening environments.

The latest offering from Kanto, is the ORA model is a compact, high-fidelity bookshelf speaker designed to enhance any desktop or home audio setup with its superior sound quality and sleek aesthetics. Key features include a 4-inch Kevlar® driver and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter for a rich, detailed soundstage. The ORA offers versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth® 5.0 for wireless streaming and RCA inputs for traditional setups. This model is particularly a stunner with its host of connectivity options, yet packed within such a small cabinet, defying the concepts of how only larger cabinet speaker is able to deliver a considerable bass punch. The ORA certainly punches above its weight.


PSB Speakers, albeit not heavily promoted online, it is a brand that consistently prioritises the research and development of superior sound quality and acoustic performance. Founded by Paul Barton, a pioneer in using scientific research to guide speaker design, PSB invests heavily in the National Research Council of Canada for product testing and development. This focus on substance over style means that PSB may not engage in the same level of aggressive marketing or branding as some other audio companies.

PSB's Alpha series speakers are designed to deliver accurate and detailed sound reproduction, making them suitable for both music listening and professional audio work. The Alpha AM3 and AM5 offer compact size and convenient features like Bluetooth connectivity, making them perfect for desktop use in smaller rooms or offices.

The latest release Alpha iQ, is a compact, smart-enabled powered speaker that merges high-fidelity audio with the latest streaming technologies. Key features include PSB's renowned acoustic design for precise, natural sound reproduction, and integrated BluOS technology for high-res streaming. With support for multi-room setups, voice control via popular assistants, and versatile connectivity options including HDMI ARC for TV use, the Alpha iQ is designed for audiophiles and casual listeners alike who seek superior sound in a user-friendly package.


KEF, a brand renowned for its innovative approach to audio engineering and design, continues to impress audiophiles and casual listeners alike, with recent products showcase KEF's ongoing commitment to blending high-quality sound with cutting-edge technology and sleek design. The most distinctive of these is the Uni-Q driver array, a technology that sets KEF speakers apart from others on the market. The Uni-Q driver configuration is KEF's signature innovation, central to many of their speaker designs. This technology integrates the tweeter in the acoustic center of the midrange cone. By doing so, KEF achieves several key advantages.

KEF speakers offer high-end sound quality in a compact package, making them ideal for desktop setups.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the LS50 Wireless II is a fully active wireless stereo speaker system that offers high-resolution audio streaming support, including compatibility with various music streaming services over Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth. Featuring KEF's signature Uni-Q driver array and Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT), these speakers deliver detailed, accurate, and immersive sound. 

The LSX II is a compact yet powerful wireless speaker system that offers exceptional sound quality and versatility. With wireless connectivity options, including AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth, the LSX II can stream music from various sources with ease. The LSX II LT, on the other hand, is a limited edition version of the LSX II bookshelf speakers, featuring a unique design collaboration with renowned designer Michael Young. These speakers offer the same exceptional sound quality and wireless connectivity options as the LSX II but with a distinctive aesthetic inspired by Young's minimalist, industrial design approach.

Making Your Decision

To determine which speakers are best for you, consider the following factors:

  • Audio Quality: prioritize speakers that offer balanced sound with clear highs, detailed mids, and punchy bass, tailored to your listening preferences.

  • Design and Aesthetics: Choose speakers that complement your desktop setup and personal style, with options available in various finishes and colors.

  • Connectivity Options: Ensure the speakers offer the necessary connectivity options to accommodate your devices, whether it's Bluetooth, RCA, optical, or USB connections.

  • Budget: Set a budget that aligns with your financial constraints and explore speakers within that range, considering both the initial investment and long-term value.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect bookshelf speakers for your desktop setup is a personal journey that requires careful consideration of your preferences, needs, and budget. By understanding your usage patterns, comparing models and brands, and prioritizing factors such as audio quality, design aesthetics, connectivity options, and budget, you can confidently choose speakers that will elevate your desktop audio experience to new heights.

Remember, the right bookshelf speakers will not only enhance your enjoyment of music, gaming, and multimedia content but also add a touch of style and sophistication to your desktop setup. For the best experience, we encourage you to drop by our Showroom for a firsthand experience. Audio is subjective, and nothing beats listening and comparing speakers in person. Our audio specialists will be on hand to assist you, answer any queries you have on the spot, and ensure you make an informed decision that suits your needs.

Happy listening!